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Planning Out Loud

Learning Academy and General Membership Meetings

Two of the key assets provided by The Association are General Membership Meetings and The Learning Academy.

General membership meetings give members the opportunity to see Association programs and information presented first hand while providing a forum for direct discussion and idea exchange between members in attendance. While the Learning Academy provides Association programs and information presented “live” by webinar to those that may not be able to attend General Membership Meetings. This insures that all members get Association programs and information in an easy to understand format.

In 2019 there will be an increased focus on General Membership Meetings and The Learning Academy. Plans are to have more than seventy-five general membership meetings at more than fifty local Association chapters across the country. This will be augmented with twelve to fifteen Learning Academy Techno Clinics and three to four Learning Academy Techno Series.

General Membership meetings will be held in a location that will give the most owners the opportunity to attend. Dinner will be served. Contests with prizes given away will take place. Association programs and information processes will be shared including a general program description, set up and implementation, support accounting forms and tools, marketing support and tools, on-going development, expected outcome, and a step by step Techno Guide.

This gives the members in attendance the ability to see “how” to set up and get the most out of the Program, ask questions and follow along. Discussions take place to provide detailed support of the program maximizing the opportunity for success. Open time will be available for members to address issues not on the agenda that may be important to their area.

There is no cost to attend General Membership Meetings. Non-members are welcome to attend. All owners may bring members of their staff that they would like to see the information presented first hand. Typically, about ninety percent of first time meeting attendees join The Association at the meeting once they see the value that The Association can bring to their bottom line.

General Membership Meetings present an agenda put together by owners, facilitated by owners with topics that are important to owners.
The Learning Academy gives members as well as their key employees the opportunity to see Association Programs and information, through Techno Clinics – Techno Series, live on their computer screen at work or at home. These Techno presentations show how members can access the program information all in one place. A general program description is provided along with how to set up and implement the program, accounting forms and tools are provided, marketing tools and support are shared, direction for ongoing development and support is provided, the expected outcome is outlined, and a step by step Techno Guide reviews the entire process.

These Techno Presentation usually last for about forty-five minutes to an hour with ten to fifteen minutes for Q & A at the end. These are interactive presentations that may occur over several weeks with homework between sessions. These Techno Presentations are recorded, stored on The Association websites for future viewing at any time by members or their staff. With the program information you get everything all in one place. A program description, set up and implementation, support accounting forms and tools, marketing support and tools, ongoing development information, expected outcome detail, all in one program download, including a step by step Techno Guide, with all presentations turned into a step by step video tutorial.

Between the General Membership Meetings, the Learning Academy Techno presentations, and with all Techno presentations stored on The Association’s website, members can choose which way is most convenient for them to take advantage of The Association cost cutting, sales building, and profit producing program information.

Attend a meeting, participate on line, review a video tutorial; these opportunities will be at their highest level ever in 2019. This effort by The Association will help all members reach their highest level of profits in 2019. Plan on taking advantage of all The Association has to offer. Volunteer, Advocate, Participate, make 2019 your best year ever.

Not a member, want to join in the profits? Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Rise together!

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Group Medical Plan

New for the National TUPSSO Franchise Owners Association: a quality group health plan at affordable prices. 

For those of you looking for a comprehensive medical plan with access to 3 national provider networks and multiple plan options and deductibles, visit our website to see plans and pricing.

The TUPSSO online enrollment portal has other insurance choices like a PPO dental plan that is like a standard group dental (100-80-50, with a plan year deductible). We are also offering a vision plan, lump sum critical illness and a gap policy. You will also have the option to add up to $150,000 of guaranteed issue life insurance option. See the site for details or contact our broker directly.

Access to these plans is only available to NTUPSSO FOA members and their staff. Access for the enrollment portal is only available to NTUPSSO FOA members or employees.

The costs of these plans are competitive as they are offered on a selective basis. The application includes a questionnaire that will need to be completed for you and any dependents you wish to cover.  All applications are reviewed for approval and your eligibility for the plan. 

You need to apply by the 17th of the month for the following 1st of the month effective date. Enrollment occurs every month throughout the year. If switching from another plan, DO NOT CANCEL YOUR EXISTING PLAN UNTIL YOUR RECEIVE APPROVAL FROM THE NEW PLAN. There is a benefit summary on the enrollment page for you to compare. Individuals are responsible for their own comparison and suitability for each product.

Contact: Sean Pfeiffer
Phone: 214-718-8806
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 

Visit the TUPSSO enrollment portal

UPS Worldport

The National Geographic Channel has been running this news story “Ultimate Factories” - UPS’s Worldport.  You can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWAwL3Rlbjo  It is very educational. Most customers and some employees do not clearly understand what packages go through.


The National TUPSSO Franchise Owners Association is made up of franchisees of The UPS Stores working together to help each other cut costs, increase sales, and make more money.


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Now get the most up-to-date information on the go. The NTUPSSO FOA App is now live and available on your favorite App store. Just search for NTUPSSOFOA. The Association’s App will provide quick access to Association information at your finger tips on your mobile phone or tablet. This will include links to current Association websites; forums; podcasts; Profit Programs; tools and forms; webinars and clinics; eNews Magazine; Vendor Select information; Association Information; real time alerts for hot news; as well as new links to the latest Association initiatives. Both members and non-members will be able to access information that will help them increase their sales, be more productive, cut their costs, be more informed, be more profitable.

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The National TUPSSO Franchise Owners Association is pleased to offer this weekly audio publication of information about our industry, The UPS Store Franchise, and The Association with information to educate, entertain, inform and update members of The Association as part of The Learning Academy. There will be presentations to cut costs, increase sales, and make more money; interviews with vendors, industry leaders, TUPSSI Inc Management, as well as the best in the business, YOU — Association members.

Access the The Association's newest TechnoCast each Thursday.

You can also read the Techno Guide to set up automatic access to TechnoCast or subscribe to TechnoCast via RSS.

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